Feb 13, 2015

Concentrated Fish Oil Softgel

Concentrated Fish Oil Softgel, containing fish oil and natural vitamin E as main ingredients is a dietary supplement. It is proven, by animal functional tests and human trials, to be efficacious in helping lower blood lipids.

Main ingredients:Fish Oil, Vitamin E

Product Features

  • No fishy smell or taste
  • The DHA and EPA content is as high as 55%
  • Optimal scientific proportion: 3/2.5 EPA/DHA
  • Safe and suitable for long-term use

Benefits of Sirio’s Concentrated Fish Oil Softgel

  • Regulating blood lipids:
    Inhibits platelet agglutination and the formation of thrombi.
  • Increasing blood vessel flexibility:
    Relieves atherosclerosis and vasotonia, and regulates blood pressure.

Company profile

The contract manufacturer in compliance with the worldwide up-to-date GMP standard for all dietary supplements including softgel, capsule, tablet, powder, gummy vitamins and oral liquid