Dec 02, 2019

Sirio’s SAP ERP on-line to bolster IT strength

On December 2, Sirio Pharma formally launched the SAP ERP system that covers seven facets of its business operation, namely, finance, procurement, production, sales, warehouse management, customer service, and quality management.


The SAP ERP project kicked start in April 2019 and solicited consulting services from Deloitte. On December 1, after eight months of preparation, the previously used Kingdee ERP system was replaced by the SAP one which underwent complete initialization. The next day, the SAP ERP system was put in full swing.

Accumulating standardized and equally accessible data from real-time business, this SAP system enables swift multi-dimensional data analysis and consequently empowers the management with intelligence on corporate operation in real-time, improving work efficiency. Such a system also incorporates the successful management cases of well-known enterprises both in and outside China and helps Sirio to collate, normalize and optimize business procedures, which will ultimately bolster the company’s ability for normalized operation.

The fact that the SAP ERP system is on-line signifies that Sirio has significantly strengthened its information technology applications, which will in return foster greater competitiveness and gather a new momentum for Sirio Pharma to go international!

Company profile

The contract manufacturer in compliance with the worldwide up-to-date GMP standard for all dietary supplements including softgel, capsule, tablet, powder, gummy vitamins and oral liquid