Functional Beverages

Sirio offers functional beverages manufactured to the strictest standards for health and beauty with great taste.

No food preservatives.
Natural flavours with fruit juice.

  • Over 100 established formulae for energy, beauty, vitality, eye-health etc. 

  • We can formulate functional beverage products with all nutrients uniformly distributed.  

  • Our professional flavorists use systematic evaluation methods to develop pleasant, appealing tastes 

Production of Functional Beverages

We provide a choice of two kinds of packing: glass bottle and portable pouch.

Glass bottle

  • 400 bottle/min high-speed integrated production line
  • Ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization (UHT) + pasteurization ensuregreater retention of nutrient activity and excellent taste, while removing the need to add food preservatives
  • Safe and automated CIP online positioning cleaning system
  • Filling capability range:30-100ml


Portable Pouch

Patented design means our pouch is unique!

  • For beauty lines — it's pretty and elegant
  • For health line — it's dynamic yet simple
  • Sophisticated equipment
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Easy for delivery

What we provide

Collagen Beverages

  • Peach Flavour/Mixed Berry Flavour
  • Upgraded Golden Delta™ beauty (combined with GABA and Ceramide)

Enzyme Beverages

  • Noni Fermentation Juice Drink
  • Fermented Fruit and Vegetable Juice Drink

The 'Joy Life' Beverage Series

  • Energy-maca + casein beverage
  • Sleeping ®γ-aminoburyric acid beverage
  • Eye-health®blueberry flavor beverage
  • Beauty Colla corii asini beverage
  • Beauty ®acerola cherry flavor beverage
  • Shaping®dietary fiber + L-carnitine beverage
  • Vitality ®whey protein beverage