Softgel – A Dosage Form That Keeps Booming

Sirio develops and manufactures a wide range of softgel dietary supplements.

Having started its softgel production in 1993, Sirio is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers. With two softgel facilities in China, and one in Europe (Ayanda Gmbh), we have the capacity and experience needed to provide a flexible, efficient and reliable service to customers all over the world. Our capacity is more than 10 billion pcs per year. 

We are

the true experts in softgel manufacturing.

We are

particularly skilled in the production of complex formulae containing multiple active ingredients. 

We have

proven technique for enteric-coated fish oil softgel using natural coating material.    

Customer feedback confirms a very high degree of satisfaction with our solutions for lots of difficult formulations containing: 

  • Multi-vitamin & mineral supplements 

  • Omega-3 supplements  

  • Plant extract supplements 

  • Special dietary supplements 

Special Softgel technology

Softgels with high solid content or viscosity
Enteric-coating using natural coating materials
Double-color shell