About Sirio

Delivering Value for Health

We have over 24 years of professional experience behind us and are committed to constant improvements across new product development, as well as to exceeding even the highest quality standards. Sirio is proud to offer flexible and optimized product solutions and to work closely with our customers as their most trusted partners.

Sirio figures

50 Support sales activities in over 50 countries
4 state-of-the-art facilities
1400 dedicated employees
(as of 2017)
13 Patents for innovations
130 health food licenses
3000 product database
14000 sq.ft in-house-lab
28000 sq.ft R&D centre

Supporting Your Success

We cannot be successful unless you are successful. So, as your nutraceutical solutions partner, our sole focus is to ensure your business flourishes. You can rely on us to support you by:

  • Keeping a forward-thinking approach and developing new technologies for growth
  • Providing quality products according to your exact specifications
  • Developing customized products that match your needs
  • Providing ready-to-go formulation
  • Delivering products in either bulk or retail packaging

Contact us now and ask how we can build success into your business!