Our Corporate Culture

Values you can rely on

Sirio stands for: Service, Integrity, Respect, Innovative and Open –these five words are the values our culture is built upon, and the values our clients can rely on.

Our Vision:

Leading the way in health science for a healthier life!


Our Mission:

Delivering value for health.

Every day, every employee, across every site is devoted
to the five core characteristics:

Provide exceptional service both to our customers and your co-workders.

This is a standard of conduct in our company for everyone to adhere to.

Respect others, knowledge and rules.

Keep going beyond ourselves. Never stop innovating.

Be open to and accommodate different voices. Move with times.

We care the society

At Sirio we understand that successful companies are measured not only be their revenues, but by the good they contribute to their employees, the community and the globe. So our status as a respected enterprise and a responsible citizen is integral to everything we do; we believe profoundly in human, social and environmentally sustainable development.

We care our employee

implement a full audit of business ethics to ensure legal compliance advocate integrity and self-discipline
empower our staff by offering excellent training and create opportunities for rapid growth and development.

We care the environment

Sirio is steadfastly committed to...
a constant focus on reducing waste emissions and increasing use of natural resources
improving production efficiency
ensuring safe execution of production processes.