Contract Manufacturing

Customer Orientation

A contract manufacturer for dietary supplements is only as good as its service delivery. Over 90% of Sirio customers continually rate our services and delivery as ‘excellent’ during client audits –you get guaranteed customer satisfaction with Sirio.

You get guaranteed customer satisfaction with Sirio.

Sirio is a customer focused business and we center our approach on your specific needs.

To support our customers in launching their products faster, and with premium quality, we maximize effectiveness and safety through a precise process management system and efficient production management.

“Over 90% of Sirio customers continually rate our services and delivery as ‘excellent’ during client audits!”

We offer you:

  • Highest quality from raw materials to final products in compliance with strict certifications.
  • Safety and efficiency throughout the entire process.
  • Just-in-time delivery around the globe.
  • Global customer service.
  • Door-to-door service in China, US and Europe.


Excellent production and quality management

Our integrated order management system (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) covers the whole manufacturing process, from raw material sourcing, production, and warehouse storage to product delivery. This advanced system guarantees traceability, transparency and on-time delivery.

99⁺% on-time delivery
30 Systematic execution enables accurate processing of more than 30 orders/day
0 Audited by authorities four times in 2016 and passed all with zero defect
20 Audited by customers at home and abroad 20⁺ times with exemplary reviews
  • Transparency throughout the entire life product cycle and in real time
  • Overall supply chain control to optimize cost and quality
  • Large-scale capacity ensures flexibility of production planning
  • Outstanding testing ability to control pesticide residue and reduce market risks

We remain continually audit-ready – at any facility, any time