Quality is always paramount

Sirio’s extremely strict quality management ensures the safety and performance on all batches.

We ensure your quality and safety.

For us, quality is a constant motivation, not a destination. Starting as a pharmaceutical business, Sirio fully appreciates the strict controls needed when it comes to quality management – from the sourcing of raw materials, along the entire supply chain, to the end market.

We recognize that product performance is essential to your success in the market.

Dietary supplements require a consistently high standard of product and process safety.

Quality from A to Z

Standardized Quality Assurance (QA) of all products, combined with continuous monitoring and optimized processes, is a central component of our quality management. In this way, Sirio guarantees safe, high-quality products for its customers around the globe.

Workshop and quality control system up to GMP standards

  • Quality control over the entire process, from raw material to finished products
  • Overall process traceable records
  • Pharmaceutical grade workshop (Grade D), 24-hour constant temperature and humidity
  • Purified water meeting the standards of Ph. Eur
  • Supplier audit program
  • File management
  • Regulatory training
  • Implementation and certification of industry standards

Quality Control

Safety through Rigor, Technology, and Experience.

Sirio utilizes effective quality management and monitoring throughout the entire production process to prevent any contamination or deviation from quality standards. 

In-house laboratory

14000 sq.ft in-house lab
400 inspection instruments
100 inspections every day
2 spaces Efficient en­viron­ment con­trol mea­sures pro­tect our employees' long-term health