‘SIRIOusly’ Advanced

Sirio Research and Development: where cutting-edge technology combines with creative ideas and innovative solutions to provide customers with outstanding products.

For us, just being good at manufacturing is simply not enough – we recognize being innovative is the real key to your success. That’s why we have spent over 24 years relentlessly focusing on innovation and adding value to our customers’ products through advanced nutraceutical formulations.

"Here to help you to succeed with fully integrated dietary supplement solutions from concept to realization."

Market research:

  1. Keen insights into global markets providing a reliable basis for implementing forward-thinking strategies.
  2. Profound understanding of global regulations in China

Ready-to-go formulae: 

A full integrated service that includes product position and proposal (including portfolio/line design, and product concept design)

Product development:

  1. Formulation and process research
  2. Sensory studies
  3. Standard and analytical methods (USP, AOAC, FCC, BP, Ph.Eur., etc.)
  4. Stability tests
  5. Consumer experience tests